Low carb cupcakes

These coconut flour cupcakes from I Breathe I’m Hungry are excellent sugar free, low carb, gluten free, nut free, fluffy, moist cupcakes!!! Get the recipe here. 

They smell like vanillery birthday party cake that you want to gobble up in big scoffs with a nice mug of tea. They’re very satisfying, especially when you haven’t had a sugary, buttery, vanillery cupcake in a while.

It contains 7 EGGS and you need a whole TABLESPOON of baking powder. That’s because the coconut flour is very absorbent so it requires a lot of eggs and needs baking powder to help lift it. Don’t skip on the vanilla essence – a good couple of teaspoonfuls is required for that vanillery flavour.

If you make 12 cupcakes, they’re only 7g carbs per cupcake (!!!).

If you can’t be bothered making the icing (or if you don’t have the powdered sweetener on hand), a dollop of Greek yogurt suffices just nicely.


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